Govt. Aided Autonomous Institute Estd. In 1952

Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal & Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

Electrical Engineering

Laboratory Major Facilities available
High Voltage & Power System Digital Relays, Fault Locaters, Cable Fault Tester Hi Pot Test, High Voltage Spark Tester, High Voltage Testing equipment
Power Electronics & Electric Drives System components like Chopper Module, Inverter Module, Computer Module, and several Basic Power Electronics kits. All modern instruments in the area of computer controlled drives, Modern technique control mechanism with hardware. Instruments like D-Space, IGBT based Inverter, IM Drive, PMBLDC Drive, MP Controlled DC Drive, Storage CRO, Power Analyzer, Voltage and Current Sensors.
Electric Machines Conventional machines like DC Motors, DC Generators, Single Phase & Three Phase Transformers, Single Phase Induction Motors, Three Phase squirrel Cage and Slip-ring Induction Motors, Synchronous Machines
Control Systems Modern control kits like PID Simulator and System Simulators. Virtual Control Laboratory System for combinational experiments in the area of computer controlled servomotors. Experiments for computer simulated systems based on MATLAB software. Function Generator Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms, Digital storage oscilloscope, Power Function Generator: Sine, Square.
Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation All measuring instruments and bridges. Megger, Energy Meter, Calibration kits for Ammeter and voltmeter, Transducer kits.
Microprocessor 8085 Microprocessor kits, 8086 Microprocessor kits, Stepper motor kits, Function Generator-3 MHz, digital multimeter, Microcontroller 8051 kits, DSP kits.

List of software available on CWN Servers

Name of software Runs on
NI Labview Server
Turnitin Plagiarism detection Machine
Libre office Machine
Windows 8,10 (O.S) Machine
Ubunt (O.S) Machine

Departmental Library:

Just like in any academic institution, library services are very important and in S.G.S.I.T. Indore also in addition to Central Library every academic department centre has its own departmental library which contains the core collection required by the concerned department centre. The departmental Library of the Electrical Engineering department is one of the contributory academic libraries in the institute. With its collection of more than 500 documents it provides the world class information support to its users. Besides printed books and journals, its collection contains all forms of documents such as CD- ROMs, The collection is mainly strong in science advances and technology, however substantial quality information sources on humanities and social sciences are also available. Library is open for bonafide members though non-members can also utilize its resources with the permission of the Librarian. The main emphasis of the central library is on providing digital information support which is provided through 5 user terminals. The library has access to all electronic journals which is available through the campus wide fiber-optic network to all computers in the institute. The Library is currently in the process of digitizing its archival collection along with thesis and dissertation for which an Imaging Centre has been established with latest equipment.

CEE Club

Extra technical curricular activities performed by the students under the banner of this club. These activities enhance the performance of students beyond the syllabus.

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