Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, established in July 2016, is the youngest of all departments in the institute. At present, the department provides services to various departments by teaching a wide spectrum of subjects at the B.E, M.C.A., B.Pharm and M.B.A. levels. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences plays a unique and distinctive role in an institute where the ethos of science and technology prevails.

The undergraduate courses taught by the faculty of the department are aimed at familiarizing the students of science and technology with the broader social, cultural, economic, ethical and humane concerns underlying social change. For this, it runs humanity syllabi e.g. ‘Universal Human Values’; ‘Economics for Engineers’; ‘Values, Humanities and Professional Ethics’. The courses on Technical English and Communication Skills, aim at enabling the students to communicate clearly and with impact, by improving their verbal and non-verbal communication style, as well as enhancing interpersonal skills.