Industrial and Production Engineering

IPE department was founded in 1973, with specialized faculty in the area of Industrial and Production Engineering to run the M.E. Program (Industrial and Production Engineering) for sponsored engineers from Industry. The department of Industrial and Production Engineering, is today one of largest department of the institute.

The department is equipped with learned faculty and modern facilities. The department has a well-equipped central workshop that imparts basic training in various manufacturing processes. The department is also equipped with modern laboratories of CAD/CAE, FMS, Industrial Inspection, Industrial Engineering, Quantitative Techniques and Metal Cutting and Machine Tools. Faculty members have published more than 50 papers in the last three years, and have authored number of books, which are popular in many engineering curriculum across the country.

B.E. program in Industrial and Production Engineering commenced in the year 1983 and M.E. program in Industrial Engineering and Management also commenced in the same year. B E Part-Time program in Industrial and Production Engineering commenced in the year 2001. M. E. program in Computer Integrated Manufacturing commenced in the year 2003.


To develop human potential to its fullest extent for making significant contribution to human resource development envisaging dynamic needs of the society.


To generate world class experts in the field of Industrial and Production Engineering relevant to society for its socio-economic growth in professional and challenging environment, imparting human values.