List of M. Sc. Applied Physics Students of Last Five Academic Years
Name of the Student Academic Year Thesis Title
Mr. Vishishth Tiwari 2023-2025  Currently in III Sem
Mr. Akash Sunaniya 2022-2024  Indigenous Design Fabrication and Characterization of Red Dot Gun Sight for Defence Application
Ms. Dakshta Mandloi 2021-2023 Studies on the Electronic and Response Properties of Confined Hydrogen Atom
Ms. Princy Trivedi 2021-2023 Automation of pizoe based nadi parikshan device
Ms. Punam Bhushan 2021-2023 Piezoelectric nanogenerator using biomass waste
Ms. Pallavi Soni 2020-2022 Synthesis of lead-free flexible composite film ........... for driving low power electric device
Ms. Priti Wanode 2020-2022  Design and development of structured illumination technique for surface morphology
Ms. Manasvi Shroti 2020-2022 Comparative analysis of FSO link …….. turbulence
Priyanka Kashikar 2019-2021 study of optical tweezers for nanomaterial characterization
Tanish Kaur 2019-2021 Study of modulation based thickness measurement device
Ajay Vishwakarma 2018-2020
Gourang Vani 2018-2020 Study of aerosol assisted CVD grown thin film transistor
Shweta Tiwati 2018-2020 Review of Graphene Thin films : An emerging material for cutting Edge Technology
Shikha Jain 2018-2020 Study on current trends in optical coherence tomography
Shweta Indra 2018-2020 A preliminary study on Ion emission from intense, femtosecond laser pulse interaction with thin foil