Departmental Club

Name of the Club: TRIVIM

Contact: phone – 9425053428, 9098876259, 8982625094

About the TRIVIM: Club TRIVIM characterises its meaning “3-DIMENSIONAL” to live up its motto of “Imaginations beyond the limitations”. It is a technical club of our college under civil engineering and applied mechanics department.Our club is one of the premier clubs of civil engineering.This club take recruitments from 2nd year only that comprises of a written and interview test.The main objective of our club is to help students in developing their skills and innovative ideas and research activities of various fields of civil engineering. The main motive of this group is to provide technical and field knowledge regarding the various aspects of civil engineering like Structural analysis, Structural design, Environmental engineering, Water resource engineering and Building planning and architecture. Activities: Under this club we conduct activities like model making and analysis of various structures like bridges, trusses, frames etc., workshops on various civil engineering softwares and projects on various civil engineering issues, seminars on demand of the field of civil engineering. Recently our club TRIVIM has organised Bascule Bridge Competitiond as “Bridge creators” on 12th march 2k16. The competition has included competitors from almost all the colleges of indore and nearby cities.

Contacts: Pro. R.K. Khare Sir - 9425053428(Mentor), Amit Parihar – 9098876259, 8982625094(President)

Vision: Our vision is to create a platform where all the civil engineers unite, share their unique creative ideas to create a difference. All in all it’s a vision by civil engineering at SGSITS Indore, A vision come into true in upcoming session, a vision that has been growing since, we made the club TRIVIM.

Mission: Our group TRIVIM promises to be even bigger and better with lots of new competition, presentation, lectures and workshops lined up. So let the civil engineer in you come out, put on his best show and give a new shape and dimension to civil engineering.