One Week Workshop On Matlab for Beginners 2021

Workshop Topic :“ Matlab for Beginners”

Date : 06-12-2021 -11-12-2021

Expert: Dr. Mamta Agrawal(Senior Assistant Professor,VIT University Bhopal)

Coordinators: Dr. Sarla Chouhan , Dr. Preeti Sengar

The program was started with the welcome note by Dr. Smita Verma, Associate Professor and Head. She welcomed Director of the institute Prof. Rakesh Saxena and the guest speakers Dr. Mamta Agrawal, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, VIT University Bhopal along with all the participants. Director of the institute Prof. Rakesh Saxena congratulated and appreciated the department for organizing this workshop. He discussed the importance of MATLAB to every field of technology and science. He suggested the head of department and coordinators to arrange another workshop on Scilab for PG students of the Institute. Programme coordinator Dr. Sarla Chouhan gave introduction about the program. She emphasized MATLAB is essential tool for every engineer for programming and simulation. In the view of this, workshop was conducted to enlighten students with MATLAB basics and its applications. Program coordinator Dr. Preeti Sengar, Assistant Professor, introduced the audience with the resource person of the workshop Dr. Mamta Agrawal.

Following points were covered in workshop:-
Day-1: 06-12-2021: about MATLAB and commands. The entire explanation was done with the help of a PowerPoint presentation with hands on session.
Day-2: 07-12-2021: detailed commands with hands on session.
Day-3: 08-12-2021: Calculus and linear algebra, how we can solve differentiation, integration and system of linear equation in M- File.
Day-4: 09-12-2021: Plotting of 2D and 3D graphs by taking many examples. And solution of differential equations and simultaneous differential equations with hands on session.
Day-5: 10-12-2021: Export data in spread sheet (Excel) and some real life applications where MATLAB can be used.
During 5-day workshop, Dr. Agrawal has provided assignments everyday and next day she explained them very precisely. That helped the participants to not only understand the theory but also do those programs practically. If any errors arise in the program, Dr. Agrawal ratified them at that point only.
For valedictory session, Dr. Sunita Varma Professor and Head of Information Technology department of SGSITS was invited as the chief guest. She appreciated the efforts of Mathematics department and assures to provide assistance in arranging more workshops in future.

At the end, Dr. Sarla Chouhan gave a brief report of the workshop and concluded that MATLAB workshop was successfully conducted in closed cooperation with all faculty members and students. It was highly informative for both students and faculty members. And everybody liked and appreciated it. The program ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Preeti Sengar. *************
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