List of major laboratories and facilities available in the department


Name of The Facility

Brief Description

High Voltage & Power System Laboratory

Digital Relays, Fault Locaters, Cable Fault Tester Hi Pot Test, High Voltage Spark Tester, High Voltage Testing equipment

Power Electronics & Electric Drives Laboratory

Power Electronics laboratory provides facilities to evaluate the steady-state/dynamic performance of static switches. Test setups are available to analyze the performance of single phase and three-phase line commutated converters using gate firing circuits based on UJT, TCA-785 (IC) and microprocessor under various loads. Experiment kits are available for switching-aid circuits, AC voltage controllers, forced commutation circuits of SCR, Choppers, Inverters and switching regulators. The laboratory is also equipped with advanced digital-controller both for experimentation and research work for Chopper and rectifier based DC Motor drive, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor drive, Permanent Magnet brush-less DC motor drive, Induction motor drive, and Switch Reluctance motor drive. Experimental facilities are developed in the field of power quality improvements, solar water pumping system, photovoltaic supply system etc. 15kW and 4 kW solar array simulator facilities and 1.2KW capacity rooftop installed Photovoltaic panels are available in the laboratory for facilitating various experiments. Many Digital Oscilloscopes (DSO) such as four channel 300 MHz DSO and 200MHz mixed signals DSOs, power quality analyzers for three-phase and single phase are available in the laboratory.

Electric Machines Laboratory

Most of electrical machines and transformers are available for experimentation such as DC machines, Single Phase Induction Motors, Three Phase squirrel Cage and Slip-ring Induction Motors, Wound field cylindrical rotor synchronous machines, Salient pole rotor synchronous machines, Single Phase & Three Phase Transformers etc.

Control Systems Laboratory

Modern control kits like PID Simulator and System Simulators. Virtual Control Laboratory System for combinational experiments in the area of computer controlled servomotors. Experiments for computer simulated systems based on MATLAB software. Function Generator Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms, Digital storage oscilloscope, Power Function Generator: Sine, Square.

Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory

All measuring instruments and bridges. Megger, Energy Meter, Calibration kits for Ammeter and voltmeter, Transducer kits.

Microprocessor and Embedded System Laboratory

8085 Microprocessor kits, 8086 Microprocessor kits, Stepper motor kits, Function Generator-3 MHz, Digital multimeter, Micro-controller 8051 kits, DSP kits with TMS6713 processor. ARM Evolution boards with ARM9 and ARM7 processors. This lab is actively used for the development of industrial automation solutions, embedded system design and domestic applications. Some of outcome of this lab are Smart Traffic Light Controllers, Non-Invasive Optical Sensing system and Model for Parameter Estimation of Human Skin, Wireless application in the agriculture and many more. It is the platform in the department to exercise the emerging technologies like GSM/GPRS/GPS, Arduino embedded boards, Android applications development etc. Recently lab is equipped with Raspberry PI, MSP430 Lunchbox kit etc to enhance the capabilities in the domain of IoT and industry 4.0.

High Performance Computing Laboratory

In this lab the high performance computing platform is consisting Xeon. Quad Core servers equipped with Kepler and Fermi GPUs. The equipment costing around 5.5Lakh was donated by IIT Delhi, New Delhi.

Electrical Network Laboratory

 This lab is equiped with major experiments of Electrical Network domain used by most of the departments of the institute, like Computer Engg, Electronics and Telcommunication Engg, Biomedical Engg.. etc

Hybrid Energy System Laboratory

The department is in process of establishing Hybrid energy system lab.

Faults and System Protection Laboratory

This lab is equipped with experimental setup of Lightening arrester, Air Break Switches, drop out Switches, Insulators. This lab also equipped with synchronous alternators, and three phase transformers to understand and detection of faults using different method like positive, negative and zero sequence reactance. Illustration of various types relays like Differential Relays, Mho relay, Inverse definite minimum time relays to understand it's features and working characteristics.

PG Research Lab

The lab is specially designed for PG students to provide an environment for their R&D activities. The lab is equipped with modern test bench, LCD projector, computational facilities, power supplies, electrical drives, DSOs etc.


facilities for product development are available in this centre for the developing student projects and starts up. The centre works in collaboration with many industries and entrepreneurs on solving field problems. The centre is equipped with facilities such as PCB drilling & cutting tool, X – Y Plotter, Bench Grinding Machine, PCB Designing System, PCB Prototype Machine, 3D Printer, embedded system development tool and high performance computational systems etc.

List of software available

Name of software Runs on Open source
MI-Power Tool (Simulation tool) Server No
MATLAB (Simulation tool) Server No
NI Labview (Simulation tool) Server No
Turnitin (Plagiarism detection ) Machine No
Libre office (Office tool) Machine Yes
MS Office (Office tool) Machine No
Windows 8,10 (Operating System) 32bit/64bit, Desktop Machine No
Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.01 (Operating System) 32bit/64bit, Desktop and Server Machine Yes
Inkscape (Graphics tool) Department Server Yes
GNUPlot (Graphs plot tool) Department Server Yes
Kile (Latex) Department Server Yes
Kiel (Embedded application IDE) Machine No
Sci Lab (Simulation tool) Department Server Yes

Departmental Library:

Just like in any academic institution, library services are very important and in S.G.S.I.T.S. Indore also in addition to Central Library every academic department centre has its own departmental library which contains the core collection required by the concerned department centre. The departmental Library of the Department of Electrical Engineering is one of the contributory academic libraries in the institute. With its collection of more than 500 documents it provides the world class information support to its users. Besides printed books and journals, its collection contains all forms of documents such as CD- ROMs, The collection is mainly strong in science advances and technology, however substantial quality information sources on humanities and social sciences are also available. Library is open for bonafide members though non-members can also utilize its resources with the permission of the Librarian. The main emphasis of the central library is on providing digital information support which is provided through 5 user terminals. The library has access to all electronic journals which is available through the campus wide fiber-optic network to all computers in the institute. The Library is currently in the process of digitizing its archival collection along with thesis and dissertation for which an Imaging Centre has been established with latest equipment.


S. No.

Industry/ Institution




1 Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd., Indore (M.P.) September, 2022 Undergraduate Students 3rd Year
2 M/s Dawn Electricals, Rajendra Nagar, Indore (M.P.) March, 2022 Undergraduate Students 3rd Year


NHDC Limited, Khandwa (M.P.)

March, 2019

Post graduate Students

1st and 2nd Year


400 kV Substation Khandwa Road (M.P.)


Post graduate students

1st and 2nd Year


Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Indore (M.P.)

February, 2019

Post graduate students

1st and 2nd Year


CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited Mandideep, Bhopal (M.P.)

October 2018

Undergraduate students

3rd Year


Omkareshwar Dam, NHDC Limited, Khandwa (M.P.)

February, 2018

Undergraduate students

3rd Year


Locomotive Shed, Indore(M.P.)

March, 2017

Undergraduate students

3rd Year


S. No



Title/Participants/Other details


1 Online Poster making Presentation on the occasion of International Energy Conservation Day December, 2021 Undergraduate students International Energy Conservation Day


Poster Presentation on technical and innovative projects

October, 2018

Undergraduate students

Application of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers in various fields.


Poster Presentation on technical and innovative projects

February, 2018

Postgraduate Students

AAYAM, 2018


Expert lecture on “Sustainability and Pollution due to Lighting” by Indian Society of Lighting Engineers M.P. State Indore

March, 2018

All UG and PG Students



Participation of Undergraduate students in AAYAM 2017 (Annual Function of the institute) presenting technical projects

March, 2017

1) DTMF Controlled Smart Home

2) Home automation system using RF remote control

3) Wireless application for agricultural pump

Hardware projects were demonstrated in real time guided by faculty members.


Technical Presentation on “ SPACE JUNK”

March, 2017

Presented by Undergraduate Electrical Engineering students

An interesting topic discussed which is also a matter of concern

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