Available Softwares

Sr. No. Name of Software  Status
1. Cisco Packet Tracer  --
2. Keil (Evaluation Version) --
3. Qualnet-Nihon Communcations Bangalore 1 User
4. Xilinx ISE Design Suite --
5. NS 2, NS 3 Network Simulator --
6. Eagle (Student Version) --
7. MATLAB-21b Centralized
8. MATHCAD Centralized
9. LabView - National Instruments  Centralized 
10. Turnitin (Plagiarism Checker) Centralized 
11. Urkund (Plagiarism Checker) Centralized


1)Cisco 2620 Ethernet router - 04 
2)Cisco 2621 Ethernet router - 01 
3)Cisco 2950 Ethernet switch - 02 
4) Desktop Computers

Meeting & Faculty Room

Sr. No. Room Description No. of Rooms Capacity Area (Sq. Ft.) Usage
1 Meeting Room 1 40 1200 Meeting/seminar
2 Faculty Rooms 4 2 each 110 Faculty Cabin
3 Faculty Rooms 11 1 each 100 Faculty Cabin
4 Reserch Scholar's Room 1 2 150 Visiting Faculty/ Research Scholars room

Facility Description : Class Room

S. No. Class Room Area(in sq. feet)
1 LT- 401, LT-402 2314
2 210 (shared with EI)  
3 PG Room 740

Photos of above Details:

S. No. Class Major Facility Seating Capacity
1 LT-401, LT-402 Podium with Projector, Audio and Video System 144
2 PG Room Digital Board 45
3 210 Black Board 100 each

Major Laboratories

Sr. No. Laboratory Description (physical) Size of Lab.(Sq. Ft.) Laboratories Conducted
1 Communication Engg. 1450 Analog Communication, Digital Communication,Optical Communication
2 Computer Centre 1450 VLSI Design, ADSP, Computer Networks, Microcontrollers, Electronics Design & Simulation
3 Electronics Workshop 720 Electronics Workshop, Minor & Major Projects, Seminars
4 Analog Electronics 740 Analog Electronics, Electronics Measurement
5 Basic Electronics 745 Basic Electronics, General Electronics, Microwave & Antenna
6 Digital Electronics & Microprocessor 735 Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers.
7. Advanced RF & Microwave Lab. 1200 Antenna Design and R&D

Various Laboratories & Major Equipments

Sr. no. Name of laboratory

List of equipments

1 Basic Electronics

CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Rectifier kit, Clipper & Clamper Circuit Boards, Transistor Characteristics Board, Zener Regulated Line & Load Regulation Board. Trainer Kits

2 Digital Electronics

Digital IC trainer, DSO (100 MHz), Combinational Circuit Board, Counters, EPROM programmer, Microprocessor & Microcontroller kits with interfaces, 

3 Analog Electronics

CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Basic and Analog Trainer Kits, DSO (100 MHz), Single stage RC coupled amplifier, Double stage RC coupled amplifier, Wein-Bridge Oscillator, Phase Shift oscillator, Operational Amplifier kit

4 Electronics Workshop

SMD pick and place Machine, Reflow Oven, CRO, PCB Prototype Machine, Function Generator, Power Supply, PCB Drilling Machine, Analog & Digital Trainer Kits, Variable Power Supply.

5 Communication Engg.

DSO, Telephone exchange, power meter, QAM, CDMA, Mobile, AM, FM, sampling and reconstruction trainer kits, Function Generator, Power Supply, CRO, Digital Communication Setups, Optical communication setups, Spectrum analyzer 3GHz (portable), OFDM Trainer, Bit error Measurement kit, Cell Phone and tower Radiation device, Experimental board for Digital Modulation/ Demodulation (ASK/FSK/PSK/MSK/QAM), Spread Spectrum Modulation/Demodulation Trainer.

6 Advanced RF & Microwave Lab.

RF Anechoic chamber, vector network analyzer, antenna pattern measurement system, PCB etching and fabrication machine, drilling machine, radar kit, projector with screen, Desktop for antenna measurement system. UV Exposure Unit, Hot Air Oven, Drill Machine. Klystron oscillator, Gunn Oscillator, PIN modulator, Frequency Meter, Isolator, Circulator, Variable attenuator, Detector mount.

7 Optical Communication

Function Generator, Power Supply, CRO, Advanced Optical Fiber Kit, Laser Modulation and Demodulation kit, Optical Power Meter, Connectorization& Splicing kit.


Departmental computer centre

HARDWARE LAN Trainer, WSN Device Board, DSP kits, SPARTAN-3 based FPGA Board, Intel FPGA Board DE 10 Lite, DE 10 Nano,  DE 1 SoC, IoT IF Trainer Kit, CISCO switches (02) and CISCO Routers (05), Wireless Sensor Network Kit (01), PC- i5 processor (5), PC- i7 processor (15)
SOFTWARE NS-2/NS-3, MATLAB-21b, MathCAD,  LabView, Turnitin for Plagiarism detection, Qualnet(4.5) Network Simulator, Xilinx ISE Design suite, Kiel (Evaluation Version), Cisco Packet Tracer.

Departmental Library

Sr. No. Contents/Books Total Number
1 No. of Books 285
2 No. of PG Thesis 164

Timings : 10:00 AM to 5:40 PM