Sr. No. Title of Paper Name of Author(s) Journal/Conference  Journal Type Year  
 1.  End to End latency analysis for data transmission, via optimum path allocation in industrial sensor networks Dr. Jaya Dipti Lal   Explorations in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision for Industry 4.0 SCOPUS INDEXED 2022-23
 2.  5G-NR wideband MIMO antenna design using stepped radiators for wireless communication Dr. L.D. Malviya  Applications and Simulations”, Taylor and Francis, CRC Press, USA  SCOPUS INDEXED  2022-23
 3.  Error and uncertainty estimation in gain measurement of double ridge horn antenna
working for 1-18 GHz
  Dr. S.K. Jain  International Journal Of System Assurance Engineering and Management (IJSA)  SCOPUS INDEXED  2021-22
 4.  Design, developments, and applications of 5G antennas: a review  Dr. L.D. Malviya  International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies  SCI  2021-22
 5.  A Real-Time 3D Video Streaming System Using SRTP AND RTSP Protocol Dr. Jaya Dipti Lal   IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security  WEB OF SCIENCE  2021-22
 6.  AMDCFELC: Design of an Adaptive Model for Duty-cycle Control with Fuzzy Rules for Improving Energy Harvesting Capabilities of Low Complexity Sensor Devices    Dr. Jaya Dipti Lal   IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security  WEB OF SCIENCE  2021-22
 7.  Trust-Based Co-Operative Cross-Layer Routing Protocol for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network  Mr. Manish Panchal  International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA),   SCOPUS INDEXED  2021-22
 8.  An Algorithmic Game approach for the stable Coalition and optimum transmission cost in D2D communication  Dr. Anjana Jain,
Dr. Shekhar Sharma
 Springer  SCOPUS INDEXED  2020-21
9. 5G Beamforming
Techniques for the
coverage of
intended directions in
modern wireless
communication: in
depth review
Dr. L.D. Malviya International Journal
Of Microwave and
SCI 2020-21
 10.  Multi-element wideband planar antenna for wireless applications,  Dr. L.D. Malviya  Wireless Personal Communications An International Journal  SCI  2020-21
 11.  Millimeter Wave High Gain Antenna array for wireless applications  Dr. L.D. Malviya  IETE Journal of Research  SCOPUS INDEXED  2020-21
 12.  Interpretable Rule-Based Fuzzy ELM and Domain Adaptation for Remote Sensing Image Classification  Ms. Neeta Sharma  IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing  SCI  2020-21
 13. Graphene characterization based nano dipole antennas design for nano network wireless communication applications  Dr. S.K. Jain  International Journal of Engineering Sciences  SCOPUS INDEXED  2020-21
 14. QoS in WiMAX hybrid schedulers for heterogeneous traffic and their performance comparison Dr. Anjulata Yadav International Journal of Electronics SCOPUS INDEXED 2019-20
 15.  UWB antenna and MIMO antennas with bandwidth, band
notched, and isolation properties for high
speed data rate wireless communication: A Review
 Dr. L.D. Malviya  International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer Aided Engineering  SCI  2019-20
 16.  Highly isolated inset-feed 28 GHz MIMO-antenna array for 5G wireless application  Dr. L.D. Malviya,  Mr. Ajay Parmar Proceida Computer Science  SCOPUS INDEXED  2019-20
 17.  Microwave imaging of hidden cevasse in glacier terrain using meta material loaded
eight-slot Vivaldi-antenna
 Mr. Gopi Krishnan G.  Journal of
Electromagnetic and
 SCI  2019-20
 18.  Four port shared rectangular radiator with defected ground for wireless application,  Dr. L.D. Malviya  International Journal of Communication Systems  SCI  2019-20
 19.  Semisupervised Classification of Remote Sensing Images using Efficient Neighborhood Learning Method  Ms. Neeta Sharma  Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence  SCI  2019-20
 20.  Improved Spatial Information Based Semisupervised Classification of Remote Sensing Images  Ms. Neeta Sharma  IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  SCI   2019-20