Plagiarism Policy

Institute has well defined policy for plagiarism control. Following committees are constituted
at Department Level and Institute Level:

1.   Departmental Academic Integrity Panel (DAIP)

     Chairman (Head of the department)

     Member (Faculty member)

     Mr. Amit Naik (Member)

2.   Institutional Academic Integrity Panel (IAIP)

     Dean Academics (Chairman)

     Prof. S. Manepatil (Internal Member)

     Prof. Ashesh Tiwari (External Member)

     Mr. Amit Naik (Member)

The similarity checks for plagiarism shall exclude the following:

  1.   All quoted work reproduced with all necessary permission and/or attribution.
  2.   All references, bibliography, table of content, preface and acknowledgements.
  3.   All generic terms, laws, standard symbols and standards equations.


Note: The research work carried out by the student, faculty, researcher and staff be based on original ideas, which shall include abstract, summary, hypothesis, observations, results, conclusions and recommendations only and shall not have any similarities. It shall exclude a common knowledge or coincidental terms, up to fourteen (14) consecutive words.

Levels of Plagiarism: 

Plagiarism would be quantified into following levels in ascending order of severity for the purpose of its definition:

  1.   Level 0: Similarities up to 10%, 15% and 20% for Ph.D., P.G. and UG respectively - Minor similarities, no penalty
  2.   Level 1: Similarities above 10%, 15% and 20% to 40% for Ph.D., P.G. and UG respectively
  3.   Level 2: Similarities above 40% to 60%
  4.   Level 3: Similarities above 60%

Penalties in case of plagiarism in submission of thesis and dissertations

Institutional Academic Integrity Panel (IAIP) shall impose penalty considering the severity of the Plagiarism.

i.   Level 0: Similarities up to 10% (15% and 20% for PG and UG respectively) - Minor Similarities, no penalty.

ii.  Level 1: Similarities above 10% (15% and 20% for PG and UG respectively) up to 40% - Such student shall be asked to submit a revised script within a stipulated time period not exceeding 6 months.

iii. Level 2: Similarities above 40% and up to 60% - Such student shall be debarred from submitting a revised script for a period of one year. iv. Level 3: Similarities above 60% -Such student registration for that program shall be cancelled.