Central Library

The Central Library was established in 1955 with a small collection of 429 books. Currently it earns the status of the biggest college library in central India in the field of technology and science education. It is full flagged with good quality of high cost standard reference and text - books, world reputed International and National research journals, theses, project reports, audio/visual and electronic learning resources in all disciplines of technical education. It also contains the literature of social sciences and humanities.

The central library has separate three-floor building with the floor area of 2050 Sq. Meters. It has six major separate sections for Administrative and Circulation operations, Textbooks collection, Book-Bank collection, Reference collection, Journals, Theses and Reports Collection and Computer section for digital resources.

Vision: The Central Library is a inavitable facility and strategic asset of the Institute, providing intellectual leadership and extraordinary information experiences toward the advancement of knowledge.

Mission: Library inspires learning and discovery through print and electronic information resources, collaboration, and expertise for academic excellence and research activities.

Refrence and Periodical Section
Central Library
Book Issue Section
library book issue section
E-Resources Section
library e resources section
Library acquires the good collections of Books, Research Journals, Thesis and Electronic documents. Approximately 3550 Books has been added during the session of 2017-18.
Institute Library Collection:
1 Books 108154
2 Back Volumes 2521
3 Thesis and Reports 5049
4 Electronic Collection CDs 2500
5 Standards-Print 5000
Current Journals
7 Print Journals


8 On-line International Journal

International :15500

9 On-line BIS Standards/Codes


10 E-books

135000 (Online)

Use of Resources:
The use of library resources is the parameter of effective working of library and users satisfaction. All the available resources are being highly used by the members of the library.
Average (Approx.) yearly use of the Resources
1 Books

180000 Volumes

2 Thesis/Reports

10000 Volumes

3 Journals

13250 Issues

4 Internet (in Library)

12000 Students

Library has complete automation and digitization of the resources and procedures. Library has 40 computers, 3 servers, Scanner, Library LAN, Campus Wide Networks (CWN) and associated infrastructure for digitization of resources. All computers are used for library housekeeping operations and Internet based services to users within the library. Library has a good collection of electronic resources. All electronic resources (e-books, journals and NPTEL Video lectures, etc.) available in the Institute are provided on the Campus Wide Network (CWN) through NAS-server. Beside the CDs, Library also purchases approx.15500 on-line journals covering the field of Engineering, Sciences, Technology and Social sciences; these are also available on Campus Wide Network (CWN) through IP based access. Library also provides access to more than 135000 e-books under the UGC-INFLIBNET-NLIST programme and other Library membership. The Libsys-7 Library software with Web OPAC facility is used for house- keeping operations of the library. On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of library collection has been provided to users to update their information regarding the holdings of the library. Close Circuit Cameras with recording facilities have been installed for proper security of the Library.

Following subscribed E-Resources are available on the Campus Network and Out of Campus in Personal Internet and Mobile Phones through Knimbus Remote Access Platform:

0. KNIMBUS : https://sgsits.new.knimbus.com/user#/home 

    User Name: Your registered e-mail ID is your user name
    (If not register pl. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /Librarian with full details of your Name, Semester, Branch, Enrolment No., working e-mail ID and Mobile No.)

1. IEEE (479 Jour./Conf.) : http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/home.jsp 

2. ASME (33 Jour) : http://asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/journals.aspx

3. ASCE (35 Jour.) : http://ascelibrary.org/

4. Mc-Graw Hill Access Engineering (780 e-Handbooks):  http://accessengineeringlibrary.com/

5. BENTHAM Pharmacy (23 Jour):  http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/ben

6. ELSEVIER Sc. Direct-Engg/Com. Sc.(275 Jour.): http://www.sciencedirect.com/ 

7. ELSEVIER Science Direct- Pharmacy(70 Jour): http://www.sciencedirect.com/ 

8. Springer- Electrical,Electronics,Comp.Sc. (456 Jour): www.link.springer.com

9. Web of Science: https://www.webofscience.com/  Access to Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED), Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI).

10. UGC- INFLIBNET – NLIST E- Resources: http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in/

     6250 Fulltext Journals and more than 15000 Fulltext E-Books

     Login/Password: Login with Your registered e-mail ID
     (If not register pl. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /Librarian with full details of your Name, Semester, Branch, Enrolment No., working e-mail ID and Mobile No.)

11. DELNET: E- Journals, E-Books, Multimedia Databases, Digital Library, etc. 2850 journals, 10687 e-books in 693 categories. : http://www.delnet.nic.in/ 
                             Login: mpsgsits             Password: sgs6880 
12. NPTEL Video Library (Library Server) :

13. BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards,18000 Codes):

14. GS Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

15. CSIR-NISCAIR Journals: 17 Indian Journals  http://www.niscair.res.in/sciencecommunication/ResearchJournals/rejour/rejour1-del.html

16.  Indian Academy of Science: 11 Indian Journals  https://www.ias.ac.in/Journals/Overview/

17.  RGPV E-library Consortium E-resources- e-books, e-journals, e-theses  https://rgpv.refread.com/ 

18. Open Access e-Journals and E-books 

(i) https://doaj.org/ : Available 15660 Open Access E-journals 

(ii) https://www.openaccessjournals.com/  Available 96  Open Access E-journals

(iii) https://www.mdpi.com/: Available 297  Open Access E-journals

(iv) http://eprints.rclis.org/view/creators/ : Available 636  Open Access E-journals

(v) https://www.researchgate.net/: Available more than 130 million publication .

(vi) https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/   Available 74475612 E-resources 

(vii) https://www.doabooks.org/   Available more than 33878 Open Access E-BOOKS.

(viii) https://about.jstor.org/news/open-access-ebooks-now-available-jstor/

Available more than 6500 Open Access E-BOOKS.

(ix) https://www.gutenberg.org/    Available more than 60000 Open Access E-BOOKS.


List of National Print Journals renewed for the year 2021-22:

S. No. National Print Journals
1 Applied Science Periodical
2 Architectural Record- Construction Management
3 Akshay Urja
4 Annals of Library &Information Studies
5 Arthashashtra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research
6 Asian Journal of Chemistry
7 Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution-Teri
8 Ajkal
9 Bulletin of Material Sciences
10 Bulletin of the Allahabad Mathematical Society
11 Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society
12 Business &Commercial Aviation
13 Competition Affairs
14 Corporate Environment Inc
15 CSI Communications
16 Current Science
17 Defence Science Journal
18 Diabetes &Prevention
19 Digit
20 Down to Earth
21 Dream 2047 – English
22 Dream 2047 – Hindi
23 Drugs &Pharmaceuticals: Industry Highlights
24 Drugs and Pharmaceutical Highlights
25 Earthquake Engineering Practice
26 Economic Affairs
27 Education Technology
28 Education World
29 Electrical India
30 Electronics for you
31 Embedded for You
32 Energy Future-Teri
33 Engineering Education
34 Construction &Project Management Weekly
35 Environmental Pollution Control Journal
36 Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics
37 Far East Journal of Dynamical System
38 Green Source-A Green Construction
39 IEEMA Journal
40 India Green File
41 Indian Concrete journal
42 Indian Drugs
43 Indian Journal of Bio-chemistry and Bio-physics
44 Indian Journal of Bio-Technology
45 Indian Journal of Chemical Tech.
46 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec. A
47 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec. B
48 Indian Journal of Engg. &Material Science
49 Indian Journal of Environmental Protection
50 Indian Journal of Environmental Science
51 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
52 Indian Journal of Finance
53 Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding
54 Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy
55 Indian Journal of Information Library and Society
56 Indian Journal of Mathematics
57 Indian Journal of Marketing
58 Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources- CSIR-NISCAIR
59 Indian Journal of Natural Products
60 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
61 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
62 Indian Journal of Pharmacology
63 Indian Journal of Physics
64 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
65 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
66 Indian Journal of Research in Capital Market
67 Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics- CSIR-NISCAIR
68 Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge- CSIR-NISCAIR
69 Indian Science Abstract- CSIR-NISCAIR
70 Industrial Product Finder
71 International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research
72 International Journal of Information Dissemination &Technology
73 International Journal Of Information Studies
74 International Journal of Regulation and Governance -Teri
75 International Journal of Statistics &Management Systems
76 International Journal of 3R’s
77 International Journal Of Web Application
78 ISRM (India) Journal
80 Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
81 Journal of Biosciences
82 Journal of Chemical Sciences
83 Journal of Commerce and Management Thought
84 Journal Of Data Processing
85 Journal Of Digital Information Management
86 Jr. of E- Technology
87 Journal of Earth Systems Science
88 Journal Of Electronic Systems
89 Journal of Energy Heat and Mass Transfer
90 Journal of Genetics
91 Journal of Indian Chemical Society
92 Journal of Indian Water Resources Society
93 Journal of Indian Water Works Association
94 Journal of Indian Writing in English
95 Journal Of Information Organization
96 Journal Of Information Security Research
97 Journal Of Information Technology Review
98 Journal of Instt. of Enggs India: Series A
99 Journal of Instt. of Enggs India : Series B
100 Journal of Instt. of Enggs India : Series C
101 Journal of Instt. of Enggs India : Series D
102 Journal of Intellectual Property Rights- CSIR- NISCAIR
103 Journal Of Intelligent Computing
104 Journal Of International Security Management
105 Journal of Management Research
106 Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science
107 Journal Of Multimedia Processing &Technology
108 Journal Of Networking Technology
109 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
110 Journal of Resource Energy and Development-Teri
111 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
112 Journal of Scientific Temper- CSIR-NISCAIR
113 Journal of Statistics and Management System
114 Journal of Structural Engg.
115 Journal of Wind and Engineering
116 Kurukshetra - English
117 Lighting India
118 Kurukshetra - Hindi
119 Manufacturing Technology &Research
120 Mass Communicator: International Journal of Communication
121 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts
122 MR International Journal of Engineering Technology
123 Mycorrhiza News
124 NDC-WWC Journal
125 Over Drive
126 Obesity Life
127 Packaging India
128 Paryavaran Vikas
129 Power Energy Journal
130 Photonirvachak: Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing
131 Power Engineering Journal
132 Power Journal (Electrical)
133 Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management
134 Pramana: Journal of Physics
135 Proceedings: Mathematical Sciences
136 Productivity
137 Progress in Computing Application
138 Progress in Machines and System
139 Pumps India
140 Research Alert
141 Resonance: Journal of Science Education
142 Sadhna: Engineering Science
143 Science India
144 Sidhant: Journal of Decision Making
145 Signals and Telecommunication Journal
146 South Asia Green File
147 Span-English
148 Standards India
149 Technology Review
150 Teri Information Digest on Energy and Environment
151 Terra Green-Teri
152 The Indian Pharmacist
153 The Journal of CPRI
154 The Mathematics Education
155 The Pharma Review
156 Training and Development Journal
157 Udyog Pragati
158 University News
159 Valves India
160 Vikalpa
161 Water and Energy International
162 World Bank in India
163 World Digital Libraries: An International Journal
134 Yojana- English
165 Yojana- Hindi
166 Education Law Cases
167 Indian Journal of Computer Science
168 International Journal of Computer Application in Engineering Technology & Science
169 Yog Vidhya
170 The IUP Jr. Of Corporate Governance
171 The IUP Jr. Of Electrical &Electronics Engineering
172 The IUP Jr. Of English Studies
173 The IUP Jr. Of Entrepreneurship Development
174 The IUP Jr. Of Financial Risk Management
175 The IUP Jr. Of Information Technology
176 The IUP Jr. Of International Relations
177 The IUP Jr. Of Knowledge Management
178 The IUP Jr. Of Law Review
179 The IUP Jr. Of Management Research
180 The IUP Jr. Of Marketing Management
181 The IUP Jr. Of Soft Skills
182 The IUP Jr. Of Structural Engineering
183 The IUP Jr. Of Supply Chain Management
184 The IUP Jr. Of Computer Science
185 The IUP Jr. Of Effective Executive
186 Case Folio: The IUP Jr. Of Management Case Studies

Library offers the following services to its members:

(i) Book Borrowing Service: Library provides books on loan to all users. The service is provided in following pattern -




General Text Book Collection:


UG : BE/B.Pharm Level -

03 Books for 30days


PG Level

04 Books for 30days



05 Books for 30days


Book Bank Collection:


UG : BE/B.Pharm Level -

(Only to SC/ST Students)


10 Books for One Semester (as per availability of number of s and copies)


Teaching Staff

10 Books for One Semester


Administrative Officers

10 Books for one Semester


Non-teaching Technical and Supporting Staff

05 Books for One semester.

(ii) Reference Service:
Library provides the good quality of reference books, research journals, theses, project reports, and standards, for consulting purpose. Library staff always ready to provide the assistance to locate the reading materials and information in more personalized manner.
(iii) Book-Bank:
Book-Bank facility is available to all under graduate students belonging to Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribes. A separate collection of good quality of textbooks is available for SC/ST students.
(iv) Inter Library Loan:
Any information that is not available in the library provides to the users with the cooperation of others libraries in the country. User has to request for the same with the justification of the need of such particular information. Library has opted the membership of National and International networks to provide Inter Library Loan Service (ILL).
(v) Reprography:
Library provides photocopy and computer printouts of the information needed to the educational purpose. The information available in electronic form also provides on CDs. User has to bear the charges of reprography.
(vi) Current Awareness Service:
The information regarding the new arrivals of books, Journals and On-line resources, display on library notice board and it is also provided to the different departments of the Institute. Any user can be requested to opt the same through email.
(vii) Internet:
Internet facility with 1 Gbps speed is available in all computers in the library. A separate section has been created to avail this facility during the all-working hours of the library. Only learning resources and educational information are permitted to access under this facility.

Working Hours:

Library opens as per requirement and desire of the users. Normally, it opens from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM during the teaching session and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM during the vacation period. Library also opens on all holidays including Saturday and Sunday during the Examination period.

Library Rules :

* Institute Identity/Library Card is must for entry in the Library.
* Library users/visitors have to make their attendance in the users/visitors register at the time of entry in the library.
* While leaving the library, user will have to handover their books/reading materials and belongings, to be checked by the library staff/library security at the main gate of the library.
* Personal books, computer hardware (except blank, CDs/Floppies), unauthorized software, bags, umbrella, large amount of money, meal, weapon, liquor, smoking agents, animal, sleeping, making noise and loud conversation are strictly prohibited in the library premise.
* Library has Open Access; all users are permitted to approach the selves and search their desired reading materials in the library.
* Library card is must for issue of any reading material.
* Rs. 1.00 per day, per book will be charged as overdue after the 30th day from the date of issue of the book.
* Re-issue of book is not permitted, overdue charge is applicable after due date.
* User will be fully responsible regarding loss, damage, and use/misuse of any reading material/information resource provided to him/her.
* In case of loss or damage of library material, respective user has to pay the current price of the material. The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc., while borrowing the book.
* Loss of book, library card, identity card, should be reported immediately.
* Violation of library’s rules, misbehaviour, thievery, unauthorized handling of library records will be caused of loss of library membership and disciplinary action as per rules.
* The documents like reference books, bound volumes/loose issue of journals are issued only to the Faculty member for over night at the time of closing of the library.
* Theses, Dissertations, Floppies, CDs, Videos etc. (non-book materials) are not lent out of the library.
* Users are not allowed to bring the books issued to them inside the library, unless intend to return them.
* Library welcomes all suggestions of the users.

Library has professional and non-professional staff to organize the library and serve to users in effective manner.
The library staff is as follows:

Librarian 01
Library Assistant (Professional) 01
Clerks Asst. Gr.-II (Professional) 01
Clerks Asst. Gr.-III (Professional) 01
Book Lifter (Non-professional) 01
Attendants (Non-professional) 07

The students, researchers, faculty members, non-teaching officers, technical and administrative supporting staff are the regular members of the library. The guest users like alumni of the Institute, regular faculties and researchers of other recognized educational Institutions are also allowed with the permission of Institute authorities. Approx. 550-600users per day, visit the central library for their information needs.

Our Regular Members

Students 4500
Faculties 257
Non-Teaching 250
Total 5007
Prof. In-charge Dr. Shekhar Sharma E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel No. : 9425315558

Librarian Dr. B. K. Tiwari E-mail : librarian{at}sgsits.ac.in

Tel No. : +91-731-2582511