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Name of student club : CodeFoster Name of contact info of professor in-charge : Prof Sonu Aairen Assistant Professor Room No 206, ATC BLD, S.G.S.I.T.S. Indore - 452003 9827367478(M) Club website : Click here to visit Club Website About Club : CodeFoster is a Platform for Aspiring Programmers. CodeFoster is the official programming club of the college. This club work for hosting a programming competitions, organize training session etc. The club organizes workshops on trending technologies to make students skillful with latest technologies in software development. Vision & Mission: The club believes in mutual learning and promotes IT based skills. We conduct events to enhance the programming capabilities of students and to make an open and collaborative ecosystems for promotion of Competitive Programming, Development Skills and Open Source Contributions among students. Various activities conducted by Club are: Code Casino: A Fun, Play and Code event conducted annually for students across Indore. The event promotes competitive programming and logical thinking among participants. Hackathon: The club conducts a long competitive programming challenge event in college’s annual festival Ayaam. Annual Workshop and Orientation: Club conducts a massive annual workshop to introduce young students with Introductory programming, Competitive Programming and Web skills.

Name of Student Club : Computer Club Name and Contact Information  of Professor In-charge : Ms.Priyanka Bamne, Computer Engineering Department, S.G.S.I.T.S Indore - 452003 8879056283(M) The club has members of computer science department from all the years and its student representative is the President of the club who has been elected by the members of the club and faculty coordinator for the club is Ms.Priyanka Bamne.       President - Yash Agarwal,       Secretary - Romil Jain,       Treasurer - Aishwarya Gurjar ,       Head of Coding Team - Sajal Agarwal,       Head of Professional Grooming Team - Divas Jain   Vision & Mission: It aims to groom students technically and personality wise and help them achieve their potential, make them ready for the bright career they desire. It is organised by the students for the students. Various Activities Conducted by Club are:  Code with the Flow: An online game designing competitionThe participants were able to design the games like snake and ladder and its checks using Visual Programming language Scratch Developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT media lab. Workshop on Web Development: The participants were taught useful IDEs, HTML, CSS, Javascript and given introduction of JSP and Servlet and introduced to Sublime, Netbeans, Echilips, jvm, jdk. Workshop on Latex: The participants were taught IDEs for tex document development and syntax to build their presentations, resume, Reports etc. using various online and offline IDE’s Overleaf, texEditor, texMaker etc. 

Name of club and contact Information: Magazine and Literary Committee Faculty I/C – Mrs. Anajana jain, Ph. No. 2582500 / Mr. Manjeet Soni, Ph. No. 2582601 About the Committee: The committee comprises 8-10 students from each year based on literary talent and talent to execute the literary activities and Inst. Magazine compilation / editing/ reviewing. The committee organizes various literary events in the Institute and prepare draft for the Institute annual magazine. Vision: To make a sensible, thoughtful, dynamic technical graduate for betterment of the society and oneself. Mission: To enable them to participate in various literary activities for their overall development. Activities of the Committee: To organize various literary events and contribute for releasing the annual magazine of the institute. Around 35 students from all branches and year as a committee member and participation of students are from all branches and years of undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

Name of the Club: TRIVIM Contact: phone – 9425053428, 9098876259, 8982625094 About the TRIVIM: Club TRIVIM characterises its meaning “3-DIMENSIONAL” to live up its motto of “Imaginations beyond the limitations”. It is a technical club of our college under civil engineering and applied mechanics department.Our club is one of the premier clubs of civil engineering.This club take recruitments from 2nd year only that comprises of a written and interview test.The main objective of our club is to help students in developing their skills and innovative ideas and research activities of various fields of civil engineering. The main motive of this group is to provide technical and field knowledge regarding the various aspects of civil engineering like Structural analysis, Structural design, Environmental engineering, Water resource engineering and Building planning and architecture. Activities: Under this club we conduct activities like model making and analysis of various structures like bridges, trusses, frames etc., workshops on various civil engineering softwares and projects on various civil engineering issues, seminars on demand of the field of civil engineering. Recently our club TRIVIM has organised Bascule Bridge Competitiond as “Bridge creators” on 12th march 2k16. The competition has included competitors from almost all the colleges of indore and nearby cities. Contacts: Pro. R.K. Khare Sir - 9425053428(Mentor) Amit Parihar – 9098876259, 8982625094(President) Vision: Our vision is to create a platform where all the civil engineers unite, share their unique creative ideas to create a difference. All in all it’s a vision by civil engineering at SGSITS Indore, A vision come into true in upcoming session, a vision that has been growing since, we made the club TRIVIM. Mission: Our group TRIVIM promises to be even bigger and better with lots of new competition, presentation, lectures and workshops lined up. So let the civil engineer in you come out, put on his best show and give a new shape and dimension to civil engineering.

Name of the Club: Club OJASWA Mentor: Dr. Lalit Purohit, Dr. Anuradha Purohit, Dr. Urmila Raghuwanshi, Mr. R. C. Gurjar Vision and Mission: To bring out the potential talents and skills of students to make them the vanguards of the upcoming generations. To empower individuals to serve the society to the best of their capabilities. To refine todays youth in all possible spheres. To bring forth interesting events and competitions to the students and provide them with an encouraging platform. To develop a personality that is socially sensitive, selfless and empathizing. To emphasize on evolving and grooming soft skills Founder of Club: The club was founded by a group of enthusiastic students in their second year. Akansh Mathur (IT 4th yr) Kratika Doshi (IT 4th yr) Suchita Joshi (CS 4th yr) Maitreyee Mathur (CS 4th yr) Divyansh Sharma (CS 4th yr) Amandeep Singh (EE 4th yr) Siddh Jain (EC 4th yr) Shakshi Thakur (EI 4th yr) Battle of Intellects 2K14 This was the first event organized by the club since its inception. It received a whopping attention from 650 ignited minds. Espionage This event was inspired by the famous and quick witted Sherlock Holmes aiming to give students minds a completely new direction.800 students participated in this. Battle of Intellect 2k15 A city-level event, Battle of Intellects, was organized on Sunday, August 23, 2015. BOI had a footfall of 1500-1600 participants from all over the city’s colleges and schools, ready to pit their wits against each other. Being a three tiered event, it kicked off with a written round encompassing a cornucopia of questions pertaining to varied areas from sports to art and politics to literature. Informal GD This was another enthralling event with more than 80 students who showed up to put forth their views on diversified issues. It was a wonderful learning experience for all and our future leaders took stand on topics that needed our attention. Orphanage Visit Club Ojaswa held a visit to one of the city’s orphanages namely Armaan Ashram to meet with those less privileged than us. We were touched by the meet and their spirit to move on. Braniacs There are several prodigal minds who deserve to be spotted , which was why club Ojaswa came up with the idea of “Braniacs”, an event for the students from first and second year. It was a team event and challenged the participants with different rounds consisting of puzzles and brain teasers. 100 students participated. Vaudeville, ’Cause Everyone is Equally Different The last event, viz. Vaudeville, of the academic year 2016 by Club Ojaswa was another attempt at inculcating essential traits in the 300 participants. The three tiered event started off with a rapid questionnaire where the participants scintillating wits were tested.The event turned out to be a huge success and was much applauded.

Name of the Club: E-CELL SGSITS Evoke! Enterprise! Expand! Contact Details TusharS Rathore(overall coordinator) --9617916717 Toshi Vijaywargiya (overall coordinator) --9630255595 Our Accomplished Mentors are- Prof. R. K. Saxena, Director SGSITS Mrs. Anupama Paliwal, Asst Prof., DOMS SGSITS About the Club: E-Cell SGSITS , Indore officially began on 17 March 2015. The Entrepreneurship Cell is a non-profit organization run by students of SGSITS with the aim of manifesting entrepreneurship spirit of young students. We at E-Cell host various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative games, competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs and support them by providing necessary resources such as seed funding, mentoring, consultancy and networking. It believes in a meaningful entrepreneurial community, which can only thrive when the entire scope of the academic enterprise is located in close proximity, in order to foster the formal and informal inter communications that lead to productive collaboration.We believe that entrepreneurship is the key that can unlock Indias latent inventive potential. It will not only push India to the forefront of the world but also help raise the quality of life in the country. With this belief The Entrepreneurship Cell, SGSITS targets to help in the development of Indias entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction between its major components spanning students, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, venture capital firms and corporate through initiatives like interactive sessions, competitions, conferences etc. E cell, through its activities and competitions, has served as the guiding torch to many individuals to start their own ventures. VISION is to bring a new revolution in Social Entrepreneurship by awakening the entrepreneur within every individual. We provide a platform to the crowd to help them unveil the potential they have. to promote start-ups among the students, to build an exhaustive resource pool to aid potential student entrepreneur, to motivate the students to come up with feasible and practical business plans. MISSION is to become a major E-cell in central India i.e. a leading incubation center in upcoming years to develop a major center of Social Entrepreneurship . Our Team includes Tushar S Rathore (Overall Coordinator) Toshi Vijaywargiya (Overall Coordinator) Rishabh Agrawal (Head,Events) Piyusha Agrawal (Head,Human Resource) Vansh Gupta (Head,Marketing) Priyanka Parihar (Head,External Affairs) Apoorva Gupta (Head, Finance and Accounting) Soumya Ajmera (Head, Corporate Relations) Sanjana Ahershinge (Head,Media Relations) Prashant Gupta (Head,Design) Anuj Mehta (Head,Web) Siddharth Shrivastava (Coordinator,Events) Ayush Jain (Coordinator, Marketing) Ishan Muktibodh (Coordinator, Finance) Aman Agrawal (Coordinator, Web) The executive members of E- cell are- Sagarika Jain, Bhavin Jawade, Manisha Makhija, Tulika Yadav, Sandeep kumar, Ankit goyal, Pallav Malu, Soumya Khemariya, Shubham Gupta, Rachee Kanodiya, Aishwarya Gurjar, Tanya Jain, Amol Agrawal, Afreen Ali, Aniruddh Nathani, Abeer Mittal, Himanshi Shrivastava, Divas Jain, Rupesh Harode, Varun Khutate , Shubham Moonat, Anshul Shivhare. Activities: The club was founded by a group of enthusiastic students in their second year. The student put their efforts and faith in us and we returned the favour by providing them right way through our various activities-- Corporate Commotion: The event tested the trading skills of the students. The game gave a rough idea about how a stock market works. One Day Billionatre: On World Entrepreneurship Day, team E-cell SGSITS,Indore. looked out for crazy things that students would do if they had $1 billion for a day. Guest Lecture: We invited distinguished dignitaries from various fields and profession to share their success stories with us. 15 August Celebration : Team E-cell went to slum area and told students and elders about the importance of education in life. AD-MAD It was an advertisement making competition for engineering and B-School students to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services. Panel DiscussionPanel discussion by Mr. Shashank Vaishnav (CTO, Wittyfeed), Mr. Avinash Sethi (Co Founder and director Infobeans), Mr. Sandeep Atre (CH Edge makers) on “Job vs Entrepreneurship vs Higher studies” was organised, which enlightened students about the scope of each decision.

Name of the Club: KSHITIJ Contact Details Er. Manoj Pandit (Mentor) Assistant Engineer, Lt. Dr. Manish Jaiswal (Mentor) Deputy Director, Phy.Edu. Associate NCC officer, Games & Sports section Prof. Sudheer Tiwari (Mentor) Mechanical Engineering Dept. Dr. Pragya Ojha (Mentor) Assistant Professor Department of Applied Physics & Optoelectronics Dr.SarlaChouhan (Mentor) Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics & Computational Science   Art as we all know is a vital aspect of one’s personality and this quality once kindled can help students to realize their full potential and even utilize it. KSHITIJ, the cultural club of SGSITS, Indore, established on 7th February, 2015 aims at fulfilling this goal. Since its beginning, it has been a platform that promotes cultural values amongst the students of our institute through various channels. Through this club, we elevate and invoke the cultural and musical trends as well as the talents of youth. Looking beyond academics, we see the mettle of our college flourished in the expressive flamboyance. Counting our achievements backwards, we organised an amazing flash mob in the month of March 2015. The team of dancers comprised majorly of members of the club. We managed to reach out to a wide and enthusiastic audience through it, in another attempt to keep the flair of art of dancing alive. The event was huge success. The club also contributed by organising band performances in various events organised by other clubs of the college. The club conducted recruitment drives for different departments encompassing dance, drama and music. It received an overwhelming response from the enthusiastic students. A team of responsible and dedicated students was thus formed and the club is ever evolving and ever growing to achieve the zenith of perfection. The members of KSHITIJ are loyal and devoted towards their responsibilities and are willing to give their all to make this club shine brighter than sun. The students in this group are encouraged to flourish themselves in an unruffled manner and learn the arts in merriment. The kith and kin of KSHITIJ are inclined towards carrying forward the tradition and culture of the club for years to come. We strongly believe in the maxim- “Fight gravity and fly away. Reach new horizons and expand yourself”. Club Kshitij Annual Report 2019-20

Name of the Club: Club Pratibimb Pratibimb is a Hindi word which means “Reflection”, SGSITS has been the reflection of so many things: World Class Technical Education, Top Class Engineers who have set unbeatable benchmark in the technology arena. With these historic badges on shoulder, we have embarked on a journey to promote Art and Photography. Pratibimb- The Reflection of Art is Fine Arts and Photography Club of SGSITS, Indore. The club was formed on 19th August, 2011, i.e. on the occasion of World Photography Day, by a group of enthusiasts under the guidance of Director Dr Sudhir S. Bhadauria. The main motto of the club is to promote art amongst the students of the college by organizing world class events and workshops by pundits of the field. The club is working under the able guidance of Prof. D. S. Ajnar and Mr. Alex Kutty. Vision: We , being the only art and photography club of SGSITS aim at: Empowering students of SGSITS by celebrating the love of lifelong learning. Encouraging the art and passion within individual Providing our college a global recognition in this field Supporting an all round development of all the students. Motive: A group of art enthusiastic students of the club have the objective to bring a new dimension to campus life in SGSITS and promote art which in its basic form is not just a drawing or everyday photography but expression or application of human deftness and ideation. The club approaches to bring out the hidden talent of the students, to provide them a platform to showcase their creativity and imagination at its best and thus help them seek a creative outlet along with the academic schedule. It also delivers its hobbyists members with science and technique of various forms of painting and photography, appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors and friendship too. Today, PRATIBIMB is a big family with almost all art maniacs of SGSITS being a part of it and nourishing their talent and skills in one way or the other. Special Acknowledgement: Club Pratibimb holds its position in the Limca Book of Records for a painting marathon in Graffiti’ 12. 175 students painted 24 campus walls measuring 2400 sq. Ft. In 36 hrs, starting at 7:00am on September 22, 2012 and completing it at 7:00pm on September 23, 2012. Members and Participants: Pratibimb , the first creative club of the college started its journey with just a group of 12 enthusiastic students of college . The members of the club successfully organized their first event i.e. Graffiti’11 and got an unexpected participation of about 200 students. The active members of club recruited volunteers from second year and enhanced the spirit of club. Pratibimb, in 2012 turned Snapster: Photo of the week into an event SNAPSTER with the theme ‘Shades of Water’. More than 200 students participate in this event. The club then got an amazing response of about 1200 students from Graffiti’12. This event occupied its recognition in various reputed newspaper and also distributed a cash prize of Rs 25000 among winning teams. Active participation of students and common public has been observed in the workshop organized regularly by the professionals and expert of the field. Till 2013 about 1500+ students showed interest and about 220+ members have registered in the club. The numbers expanded with every event of the club and now Pratibimb has over 250+ active members and ropes in increasing number of participants with highest count being hit with 1900 participants in Graffiti’ 12. For every event, there is a participation of at least 400 participants. Events: The club successfully organised its first event GRAFFITI 2011 on 14th September, 2011 within a month of establishment. Since then, the Club organises three events in a year – Snapster, Art-a-Holic and Graffiti. The various events of the Club in the past are: Graffiti 2011: This was the first event in which the walls of the campus were painted by the participants. Snapster 2011: It was the very first photography competition organised by the club and turned out to be a grand success. Participants were very enthusiastic and a huge participation was seen. Graffiti 2012: This was a wall painting competition wherein the participants were free to choose their theme. The event was a grand success for which the Club got registered in the Limca Book of Records. Snapster 2012 - Photographer of the Week: It was a photography competition to hunt for the best photographer. Participants had to click their photos in the college campus only. Art-a-Holic 2013 : Paint without Brush : Art-a-Holic ‘Paint without Brush’ was organized on February 7, 2013 by the club. The participants had fun painting without the use of brushes and enjoyed the event. The club got an overwhelming response and the participation of about 500 students . Street Art - Get off the walls:2013This was yet another event in which the streets were painted by the participants of our college. Art -a- Holic - Caricature:2013 It was a 1-day event organised in the college campus in which the participants had to draw and paint a cartoon character. A huge excitement was seen in the participants regarding the theme of the event. Art -a- Holic 2014 – Comic-Kaze : This event was organised on 12th February, 2014. In this team event, the participants had to draw and paint a comic strip on a sheet of paper provided by the club. Snapster 2014 - Lights, Camera, Capture: This event introduced the concept of capturing the brilliant and creative aspects of light using ingenious props and arrangements. It was a 2-day event organised in college on 5th and 6th August, 2014 with 450 participants along with more than 3500 viewers. Snapster 2015 – Narrative Photography: This was another state level event where the participants had to capture a story in a limited number of photographs. There was a huge participation of 400+ and a moving crowd of about 250. Art -a- Holic – Alter Ego: It was a 1-day team event held on 21st January, 2015 where the participants had to paint the face of one of their team mates. Graffiti’ 16 – Paint your Imagination: It was a 3-day intra college event here 26 teams from the college were provided walls in the parking area of the college to be painted. The event was organised from 12th February to 15th February, 2016 with about 200 participants.

Name of the Club: IT #Include Faculty Incharge  & their contact details Mrs Megha Kuliha  (9977933519 (M)) Mr Lalit Purohit (9425032932 (M)) Team Members: Akshat Birani (IT 4th year) Anish Gupta (IT 4th year) Bhavin Jawade (IT 4th year) Nirali Mehta (IT 4th year) About the club The club is the technical club of SGSITS which was started in November 2017. The club was made by IT 4th year students who felt the need to have a practical approach towards the technical aspects of engineering. Since its inception, club has become a city-wide sensation and is successfully hosting various contests and sessions. This technical community includes around 30 members from three batches. Website: Vision and Motive The motive of the club is to create a student learning community, which together will coordinate and help each other to gain technical knowledge.   We aim to provide learning opportunities by collaborating with technical companies and institutions. We have a vision that every student passing out of SGSITS and belonging to the community will be technically skilled as well as have gained soft skills necessary for every individual for future endeavours. Activities Blockchain meetup (Indore technical Community) Microsoft Imagine Camp- An event by Microsoft Mozilla #VR- A meetup by mozilla technical community #Bingola coding game (Aayam fest) Webinars by students Sessions on various technologies HackIndore- A 24 hours hackathon open to all the colleges Competitive programming contests Project making opportunities in collaboration with Centre for innovation, design and incubation (CIDI).