AICTE has launched a scheme for establishing AICTE-IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) Lab in its approved institutions for encouraging students for application of Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fundamentals towards enhanced hands-on experience and learning by doing.
As a common facility embedded in the institution, IDEA Lab facilitates the students to “engage, explore, experience, express and excel” as desired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister in the wake of release of National Education Policy 2020. These Labs are mandated to function 24 x 7 in the institutions selected and be available to the colleges, schools and industries around also.

  • The purpose of IDEA Lab is to provide all facilities under one roof, for conversion of an idea into a prototype.
  • It is like a special place where students, just like you, come together to think, create, and turn their ideas into something real.
  • If someone is curious and love to come up with new ideas or solve problems, an Idea Lab is a fantastic place for you. It's a space where you can explore, learn, and make a real impact on the world with your creativity
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1. Dr. Rakesh Saxena
    Chief Mentor
    Director, SGSITS, Indore

2. Dr. Krishnakant Dhakad
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Industrial and Production Engineering 

3. Ms. Priyanka Bamne
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Computer Engineering

AICTE IDEA LAB Student Ambassadors
1. Mr. Avneesh Vijay
2. Ms. Vanshika Jindal
3. Mr. Vedant Mishra

Final Year Team

1. Mr. Akash Kumar Mishra
2. Mr. Anshuman Singh
3. Mr. Gaurav Gupta
4. Mr. Kamaljeet Sahu
5. Ms. Meenakshi Patel
6. Ms. Pragati Gupta
7. Mr. Pritesh Dhaware
8. Mr. Rushikesh Pandey
9. Mr. Satyam Singh

III Year Students
1. Mr. Aradhya Sharma

2. Mr. Ashutosh Kushwaha
3. Mr. Basu Jain
4. Mr. Hemank Rakesh
5. Ms. Jaya Singh Chauhan
6. Mr. Jayesh Kumar Sharma
7. Ms. Mihika Pathak
8. Mr. Shriyansh Jar
9. Mr. Ujjwal Kalbhore

II Year Students
1. Mr. Aayush Gupta

2. Mr. Abhijeet Solanki
3. Mr. Adamya Jaiswal
4. Mr. Adarsh Agrawal
5. Mr. Aditya Shukla
6. Mr. Ajeet Sahani
7. Mr. Amber Gupta
8. Mr. Anany Sharma
9. Mr. Arihant Rathore
10. Mr. Chitransh Guha
11. Mr. Devansh Ramdurgekar
12. Mr. Gaurav More
13. Mr. Mradul Patoriya
14. Mr. Ronak Chopde
15. Mr. Shivam Bansal
16. Ms. Neetu Vishwakarma
17. Ms. Shrutee Mishra
18. Ms. Tanusha Choudhary
19. Ms. Zeenat Khan

Major Equipments in IDEA Lab

3D Printer

CNC Engraver
CO2 Laser machine



Facilities at IDEALab

1. Workspace
2. Prototyping services like 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, PCB making ,CNC cutting and   
    engraving etc

3. Computer and Software
4. Expert Guidance
5. Access to Funding and Resources


1. Solar operated pesticide sprayer
2. Lab trainer kits for Biomedical Engineering Department
3. Autonomous drone for remote deliveries
4. Surgical robotic arm
5. Automatic Seed Sowing Machine
6. Gesture-Controlled Wheelchair
7. Automatic ON/OFF Switch
8. Agricultural Monitoring System
9. Quantisile Injector Prototype
10. Automatic Oiling for Ayurvedic Treatement


1. Pellet durability calculator
2. CNC Machine for hardening of metal parts
3. Contactless smart water dispenser
4. QR Code based Vending Machines
5. Website for Army Inventory
6. AC-Motor timer based R.B.M. Controller