CIDI- Centre for Innovation Design & Incubation

Inauguration: 23rd April 2018 by Honorable Minister Shri Deepak Joshi (Technical Education and Skill Development, M.P. Govt), with Dr. Sunil K Gupta (Vice Chancellor RGPV), Dr. Veerendra Kumar (Director Technical Education Govt. of MP) and Dr. Rakesh Saxena (Director SGSITS).

Description: CIDI is functioning with 3C model; CIDI is Coordinating with institute’s engineering departments, Collaborating with Industries and Cooperating with peer institutes to attain its goals of design and incubation.

One of the additional goals of CIDI is to initiate technology trainings for students of SGSITS as well as peer institutes and professionals from industries in the next semester. For these training activities, material and manpower resources in the above departments and CIDI will be used based on competence and proficiency.

This centre aims to facilitate Innovation, Design and promote Incubation activities related to all the engineering departments namely:

  1. Department of Biomedical Engineering
  2. Department of Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics
  3. Department of Computer Engineering
  4. Department of Electrical Engineering
  5. Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  6. Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
  7. Department of Industrial & Production Engineering
  8. Department of Information Technology
  9. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  10. Department of Applied Chemistry
  11. Department of Applied Mathematics & Computational Sciences
  12. Department of Applied Physics
  13. Department of Pharmacy
  14. Department of M.B.A.

Some of the identified key areas and proposed departments are listed as below in the table;

S. No. Departments Area
1 Department of Electronics & Telecommunication, and Department of Computer Engineering Network Design and Networking Device Configuration
2 Department of Electronics & Telecommunication, Department of Biomedical Engineering,and Department of Electrical Engineering Embedded Systems and DSP Processors
3 Department of Instrumentation Engineering VLSI
4 Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Communication system design and Modelling, Microwave components including Antenna,design, development, fabrication and measurement
5 Department of Biomedical Engineering MATLAB, SCI LAB and Digital Image Processing
6 Department of Computer Engineering, and Department of Information Technology Python, R and Data Analytics
7 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial & Production Engineering, and Department of Civil Engineering CAD tools
8 Department of Electrical Engineering Electrical Drives, Oil testing, Cable testing, Relay Testing, Substation equipment testing and High Voltage testing

In addition to above in-house trainings CIDI is collaborating with some of the industries and companies for training in the following areas:

  1. Application of IoT in Agriculture, healthcare and smart cities
  2. Enter Price Resource Planning tool

To support product development and startups CIDI has a patent advisory cell of following faculty members from the institute:

  1. Dr. M D Dandekar
  2. Dr. J T Andrews
  3. Dr. S Paswan

Guidance of above experts can be made available to the aspirants on need basis; CIDI is facilitating efforts of Entrepreneurship - cell of the institute by helping 09 startups of various departments. It is expected that with mutual coordination between the departments and CIDI, the aim of Innovation, design and incubation will be attained in the future which will encourage entrepreneurship culture in the institute in general and students in particular. 

Facilities of CIDI

CIDI provides various facilities like instruments, design packages and other computational facilities in various disciplinary fields. CIDI also facilitates various industrial trainings for students as well as faculties.

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Note: Students are advised to download the CIDI Entry Form from the download section. Fill the form along with the exact reason to utilize the CIDI resources, get it forwarded from the respective authority and submit it in the CIDI along with the copy of College ID card and Aadhar Card

List Of Equipments

  1. 1G Hz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  2. Programmable triple channel output DC power supply
  3. Programmable digital storage oscilloscope
  4. Cable and Antenna Analyzer with 2 port vector network analysis facility
  5. Programmable Arbitrary wave form Generator
  6. 6.5 Digital programmable Digital multi meter
  7. PCB drilling & cutting tool
  8. Bench Grinding Machine
  9. PCB Designing System
  10. PCB Prototype Machine
  11. Ultra Violet Exposure Unit (With vacuum)
  12. Negative Film Maker
  13. All in one tool kit
  14. Hammer drill machine
  15. Seismograph & Seismogram
  16. 3D Printer
  17. X – Y Plotter

List Of Interfacing Modules

  1. Universal Development platform
  2. PIC microcontroller development board
  3. AVR development board
  4. ARM 7 development board
  5. 16 Bit development board
  6. Handheld 8051 USB programmer
  7. Compact AVR USB Programmer
  8. Input interface Module
  9. ADC/DAC Module
  10. Computer interface Module
  11. Display Module
  12. Motor drive module
  13. TTL I/O interface Module
  14. Real time clock Model
  15. Graphical Display module
  16. Display & Switch Module
  17. Multi interface Module
  18. SD card Module
  19. Sensor Module
  20. Accelerometer module for embedded platforms
  21. RFID card Reader Module
  22. ZigBee Module
  23. Finger print module
  24. GPS module for embedded platforms

List Of Software Packages (Design Packages)

  1. ZWCAD
  2. Cradle
  3. ADAM
  4. CATIA Basic
  5. CATIA Advanced
  7. ANSYS
  9. VI-Rail
  10. Midas
  11. NI LabVIEW
  12. Nastran
  13. Altair HyperMesh

Contact Information

Mr. Apurva Gaiwak
Coordinator CIDI
Ph: - 0731 2852694 Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.