Institute GST No.: 23AAETS 0767 J1ZC

1. NEW Tender inquiry for Gold medal
    Due Date: 16/02/2024
    Tender Document: <View>

2. NEW Tender inquiry for 1. Rotatory Vacuum Evaporator (Part A): Main assembly with chiller circulator
                                             2. Rotatory Vacuum Evaporator (Part B): Vacuum pump with Vacuum controller
    Department: Department of Pharmacy
    Due Date: 19-02-2024 by 12:00 PM
    Tender Document: <View>

3. NEW Tender inquiry for CNC micro-ultrasonic Machine 
* Due date is increased from 14/02/2024 to 20/02/2024 *
    Due Date: 20-02-2024 by 05:00 PM
    Tender Document: <View>

4. NEW Tender inquiry for Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester, LVDT Trainer Kit, Load Cell Trainer Kit, Thermocouple Trainer Kit, Digital      Multimeter, Strain Gauge Trainer Kit (with Cantilever Beam), Digital Probe Thermometer 0-3000C, Digital Vernier calipers 150 mm, Torque      Measurement Trainer with datalogging Software, Linear System Simulator (Open loop & Close loop System of First    order & Second order Systems), Burdon Tube Pressure Gauge Trainer Kit      
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Due Date: 15-02-2024
Tender Document: <View>



NOTE: "Authorization Letter  in favour of Director, SGSITS Indore must be enclosed with your
             quotes, without this the quotation will not be considered"